Teachers' meeting in Poland

In January 2019 students and teachers of  Zespół Szkolno - Przedszkolny in Mykanów started implementation of international project "Learning from the Past to Face the Future: Cultural Heritage in Contrast with Modern Society", financed by European Union programme Erasmus+.  After lasting several month  preparation and conscientious evaluation by National Agency, coordinating school in Poland with partnering schools could finally start cooperation.

The meeting of coordinators took place in Zespół Szkolno - Przedszkolny in Mykanów in Poland. On 16th and 17th January teachers coordinating the project from Poland, Latvia, Spain, Greece and the Netherlands met to set up details of cooperation. The responsibilities were divided between all the schools, activities for students and the details of mobilities were settled. The topic of project concerns such an important issue as cultural heritage of Europe and spreading its value among European students.

Project "Learning from the Past to Face the Future" of Erasmus+ programme will benefit for the students. Language and multimedia competence will develop. They will have a chance to check their knowledge of English language in practice and improve it. They will be more open to other cultures and traditions,  they will have broader word view. They will gain new experience and enrich their personality as it is widely known travels broaden the mind.

Documents concerning this meeting are attached below. 


Description of teachers' preparatory meeting

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Presentation concerning preparatory teachers' meeting in Poland

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Meeting's schedule

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