Mykanow Primary School

Virtual Mobility Agenda

12-16th October, Mykanów, Poland


Dear Friends

In new reality we are unable to meet in person. Even via video chats is not easy as some students or classes are being delegated to temporarily study at home. We understand the situation is hard for each of our schools - for students parents and teachers. 

Polish students and teachers appreciate the time you would like to devote to experience some of our school life here in Poland, in our humble school in Mykanow.

We would like you to enjoy what we have all prepared. With wishes of success fulfillment and health, we strongly hope for us to meet one day.


Monday 12th Oct  - Welcome to our school in Mykanow

Please watch our short videos presenting the school and the area nearby. The photos were taken on different occassions in our school (also before the covid health restrictions).  Some of the material used was recently recorded by our pupils of class 6   - who are activelly taking part in the project actions at school.

Virtual Mobility – welcome to our school https://gopro.com/v/WyXVZXNbwkg8n

out and about Mykanow - https://gopro.com/v/4y0wO6baDy0Rn


Tuesday 13th Oct – Some info about Poland

The presentations were prepared by Malwina’s class who did the lions share of the project last year. At present time they are highschool students not in our school anymore. Therefore we can at least show you what they consider as a great place to be here in Poland.  With their power points they have presented places where we would like to take you for a trip. If only you could be here with us.

Folder about us

Czestochowa and its area


Lodz (Łódź)


Wednesday 14th Oct – history day

Let’s focus today on our history. Check our history timelines to see the important moments for our motherlands. Did our nations  experience anything incredible  and great or terryfying or sad at a similar time. Do we share some crucial historical events?



Thursday 15th Oct – Swedish input

Due to unfortunate coincidence Swedish school  - Atlas Skolan Linkoping could not participate in the project. But according to the major Erasmus rule of friendship and sharing,  we want to learn about their country as well.

Check our Polish-Swedish history and others prepared on various topics concerning geography, cuisine, traditions, religion, etc. 

Friday 16th Oct – time to say goodbye

Erasmus+ is a great  way of making new friends, broadening horizons, understanding cultures, similarities and differences.

To all who have participated in mobilities it is an unforgettable memory of people, sights, landscapes and flavours. With a feeling of gratitude for what life brought to our pupils during the visits we would like to express our huge thank you.

Let’s farewell videos and watch our pupils’ presentations.