4th Mobility: Spain 9th - 13th March 2020

Intense week of cultural exchange with students from Holland and Latvia.

The week began with a trip to Granada where we got to know the Albaicín and the Alhambra neighborhood in a spectacular guided tour in English.

The second day took place in our school, SAFA Andújar. The different countries had the opportunity to present the work that they had prepared weeks prior to the exchange. The main theme of this mobility was languages and their cultural heritage.

The next destination was the Andalusian capital. Seville welcomed us with the typical warmth of the Guadalquivir valley, although it did not prevent us from enjoying a new guided route through the Real Alcázar and the historic center of the Seville city.

There was also time to show them some dishes of our gastronomy: paellas, churros, flamenquines and other typical dishes of the Mediterranean diet appeared throughout the week. And, of course, we attended a flamenco show where they even learned the basics to be able to dance some sevillanas.


Great week of cultural exchange that in the end was somewhat clouded by the beginning of the pandemic. We hope that the situation will return to normal soon and that we can continue to enjoy this type of cultural exchange in Europe thanks to Erasmus +.



Summary LTTA 4 Cultural Heritage – mobility in Spain

Sunday 8th of March – travel day


The Latvian and Dutch team travel to Spain. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 the Greek and Polish team had to withdrawl from this mobility.


 Monday 9th of March - Trip to Granada

 The first day of this mobility started with a bus trip to Granada.
It covers all beautiful landscapes of Andujar including Highest peak of that province.
We visited highly interactive and educative trip to ‘Albaicin’, its surrounding and the Alhambra palace in Granada. Here you find the great influence of the Muslim( Arabic) culture in architecture, food and language too. It was a whole day excursion and students enjoyed and well informed with Spanish culture and heritage.

Tuesday 10th of March at SAFA Andujar School

A day well spent in SAFA school.
Students attended classes with their host fellow students in their classes and had lessons in Spanish. Teachers got a tour around the school and met the headteacher.
A meeting over breakfast with staff teachers was warm and welcoming. It was followed by presentations on languages given by students of respective countries. Well planned games- mingle-mingle is an ice breaking game to get to know each other also Kahoot quiz to check the knowledge about Granada kept everyone occupied.
A visit to city hall and meeting with the mayor was one of  the highlights of the day.
Later afternoon, very tasty and traditional lunch was served- Paella, Spanish omelet and pizza.
Exchange of culture of participating countries in form of small souvenirs (gift) was quite heartwarming and print everlasting impression for sure.


Wednesday 11th of March - Trip to Sevilla

 A well guided city tour to Sevilla was a real fun for students and teachers too.
It is a modern city with a lot of cultural heritage. We went by bus and journey was as much fun as its destination. Students are singing song and exchanging good vibes. First we meet at “Plaza de Espana” historic sights and visited the Royal Alcazar. Later in evening just look around and appreciate the beautiful city center of Sevilla.

Thursday 12th of March - Andujar

 Another fun day in school SAFA Andujar.
The day started with activities like treasure hunt in the Andujar city where students collected information in the form of question format.

kahoot quiz about Sevilla and Granada ensured that students learned with fun. Students enjoyed in school with their host friends. But everyone is waiting for churros with chocolate in local market as a breakfast. It was too delicious. later in afternoon everyone meet and greet other staff members in the SAFA school. The day ends with the Lunch at “Pena Flamenca Los Romeros” in Andujar. It was an entertaining flamenco performance over dinner and made the afternoon very special.

Friday 13th of March – day with the families

 During the mobility the COVID-19 outbreak gets worse. As a result of that the headmaster of SAFA no longer allowes schooltrips, so the kids stay this day with their host families and can go into town to buy gifts. The kids are told to take no risks, no playing in the sun, no travelling, no buses or anything that could be a bit risky.

Saturday 14th of March – travel day

 Both the Latvian and Dutch team leave Andujar early in the morning to go tot he airport and travel back tot heir own country. The teams are really grateful that they were part of this exchange and want to thank the Spanish team for all the organisational work.


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