2nd Mobility: Greece 6th - 12th May

2nd Mobility: Greece, 6th – 12th May,  2019


 Programme ERASMUS+, Action ΚΑ2


Learning from the Past to Face the Future:

Cultural Heritage in Contrast with Modern Society.


The second mobility of students and teachers from Greece, Spain, Latvia, the Netherlands and Poland took place from 6th to 12th May, 2019 within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.  This time the meeting point was Greece and, more specifically, the 5th Primary school of Korydallos.  The topic of this exchange was «Ancient Heritage: Deciphering Antiquity in Greece» and Greece organized the programme of the specific week for all collaborating countries according to that.

On the first day to the school, students and teachers watched a welcome event, in which the history of Greece was presented in a brief and pleasant way, through singing and dancing by all the school students. Later, they were given the chance to enjoy the Greek cuisine, from a large buffet of foods and sweets - everything had been made by the mothers of school students, drawing attention to Greek hospitality!

During the days that followed, a lot of activities took place for the students and the teachers to get in touch with the ancient Greek civilization and familiarize with the history and the ancient monuments. The students playedThe bookmarks game” and so they got to know some ancient monuments of Greece, as well as their position on the map. Moreover, they watched short movies presenting customs of the five collaborating countries.

All the exchange students had the opportunity to take part in a revival-of-the-Olympic Games event, but at the same time they participated in Olympic sports and felt like ancient athletes, wearing a wreath made of an olive tree branch (rooted) and the medal they were awarded.    Furthermore, they felt national pride at the hearing of the national anthem of their country.

During this week and always aiming at getting to know ancient Greece, the exchange students and their teachers visited some characteristic monuments, such as the hill of the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum.

Later they enjoyed a tour in the centre of Athens on the “Happy train” and saw some characteristic sights of the city, which connect the past with the present, like the Syntagma square with the Parliament building and the picturesque settlement of Plaka under the Acropolis.

They visited not only the archaeological site in Sounio (the temple of the God Apollo), but the Floating museum “Neraida” of the J.S. Latsis institution in Flisvos marina, as well.   This museum carries out educational programmes, in order to promote aspects of shipping and business history, nautical education and the protection of the marine environment.

On Friday morning students and teachers visited the Town Hall of Korydallos. The mayor Mr. Kassimatis warmly welcomed everybody, stressed the importance of all the programmes that help in the communication among the European countries and thanked the members of the collaborating schools with a souvenir.

            On the last day, everybody had the chance to enjoy nature, feel the unique acoustics of the Ancient theatre of Epidaurus and then visit Nafplio, the first capital city of Greece, during an all day trip.

            Saying “Goodbye” was really hard! The emotions created among the children were very intense! Spring along with the authentic Greek people offered everybody an exchange full of ancient Greek civilization, green nature, blue sky and sea, bright sun and wonderful smiles!!!


Presentations concerning Greek mobility are attached below.