1st Mobility: the Netherlands 10th - 16th 2019

The first mobility of students and teachers within the programme Erasmus+ took place from 10th to 16th March 2019 in Naaldwijk in the Netherlands.  Students and teachers from Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Latvia and Spain met in Lentiz Dalton MAVO school.

Students were hosted by Dutch families that they had contacted before.

They participated in activities at school such as presentations about country and school of each partner, Erasmus logo contest and debate on a survey carried out in each school before mobility.  Students had a chance to use English language in practice and develop communicating skills.

 As the topic of our project is Cultural Herritage most of activities concerned culture and tradition. 

Students got aware of part of the Dutch tradition, art and culture by visiting the Zaanse Schans park and the traditional village Volendam, where they got dressed in traditional Dutch costumes and the photo if it was taken.

We travelled to Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, and visited the two important and famous museums of the country, the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank’s House. We also visited Rotterdam with its harbour, where we took a boat trip.

In the contrast, during their visit to the Neeltje Jans dams and to the Bakkie Fietsen greenhouses students could observe how the most modern greenhouses work. They got to know about the production of tomatoes, pepper and orchids.

The mobility was an unforgetable experience and lesson of culture and history.  Thank you for all that we have learnt!

Presentations about the mobility in Netherlands are attached below.