Zespół Szkolno - Przedszkolny in Mykanów, Poland

Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny w Mykanowie Szkoła Podstawowa im. Stefana Okrzei is a primary school with traditions and ambitions. It is situated in the south of Poland  near Częstochowa. Our school has 30 members of staff and 250 students aged between 6 and 15. It is located in the disadvantaged, mostly rural area. Many pupils cannot afford the cinema, theatre, sporting events and taking part in school trips. Despite the difficult financial situation, students find opportunities to develop their talents and skills thanks to school. It is a friendly place for both students and teachers. Apart from compulsory lessons students take part in extra activities carried out by teachers voluntarily or financed by the Municipality of Mykanów. Our school ooperates with plenty of supporting institutions which are willing to cooperate during the EU Funded projects: The Commune of Mykanów with the mayor, The Commune Centre of Social Service, The Commune Centre of Culture and Sport, The Association 'Razem  na wyżyny', local newspaper 'BIM' and a local television 'Mykanews'. Our students are also engaged in supporting charity activities such as helping the orphanage, local hospice and animal shelter. Moreover, the school is involved in the cooperation with a Lithuanian school in Jaszuny. The schools cooperate over a patriotic project "Patriotyczne impresje" connected with historical and cultural heritage common for both countries.