Rigas Zolitudes Gimnazija, Latvia


The main objective of this report is to present the main attractions of a place called Zolitude, its living, culture and leisure facilities and suggest why it evokes the will to live in.

A bit of history

After we have examined the origins of the name Zolitūde to find out why it is so tempting for us to live here. As it turned out the name comes from French la Solitude and means loneliness. One of the explanations is that servicemen of Napoleon's army were parted from his company in this area, which later gave the area its name. Another version is that the word "solitude" referred to the loneliness in which land owners lived here due to the extremely high prices they asked for their land from the working peasants.

The birth of a wonder

Another meaningful fact discovered is that the construction of suburb began in 1984, when Latvia obtained its independence from the USSR. The living area was specially designed to resist a nuclear blast during threatening atomic warfare, so the buildings are placed in a special order to protect themselves. Nowadays the new dwellings are built around lake to south-east of neighbourhood, what makes Zolitude even more tempting and cosy to live in.

Reason to live there

Despite the fact that Zolitude is unfairly considered an unpopular area to stay in, it should be emphasized it as one of the best of suburbs to live calmly and safely in. According to our personal experience the majority of people who live there are amicable, well-disposed and peaceful towards the visitors. It is the custom to be friendly and supportive indeed. Thereby, the people who crave for being blessed with faithful friends will be always welcomed. 

Facilities and attractions

In addition, it is the ideal place to stay in due to the convenient transport system (including railway stations, buses and minibuses) to get wherever you need and lots of supermarkets and local shops, where you can buy whatever you want. The proximity to the international airport, the seaside resorts of Jurmala and new architecture have made Zolitude attractive for young families. Moreover, there are a lot of fascinating small cafes to sit in and relax, thinking about the days passed or planning ahead. But a cosy bench next to the each house can be a nice site to lead an exciting heart-to-heart talk for respectful elderly people.


On the assumption of the mentioned above we conclude that Zolitude is one of the most suitable areas to live peacefully and calmly in. There is no doubt it is the best place to live in for me, because there are plenty of things to do for adults and for small children as well.