Lentiz Dalton Mavo, Netherlands


Naaldwijk is a town in the Dutch province of South Holland. It is a part of the municipality of Westland, and lies about 10 km southwest of The Hague.

Naaldwijk lies in the heart of Westland. The largest economic sector is  greenhouse horitculture. The largest flower auction site in the world, operated by FloraHolland, can be found in the nearby village of Honselersdijk.The village of "Naaldwijk" has a population of around 15,440



The school

Lentiz Dalton MAVO & Het Groene Lyceum is located in Naaldwijk in the Westland area. It is very close to the sea.We have about 850 students. We are a Daltonschool and as Helen Parkhurst once said: ‘Dalton is no method, no system, it a way of life!’ 

Our school is no traditional school and students can work in their own pace and level. This started last year, so year 1 and year 2 work like that right now. In year 3 students get the opportunity to go abroad on an exchange.