Fundación Escuelas Profesionales de la Sagrada Familia, Spain

Our school, SAFA Andújar, is a Jesuit school which belongs to the SAFA (Sagrada Familia) Foundation. It is sustained economically by the Spanish public educational administration. There are different educative levels taught at our school and this makes a total of about 1600 students, plus 117 staff members. 

 It has got five different educative levels, pre-school, primary, secondary and noncompulsory education, consisting of pre-university studies (A-levels) and vocational training education. Dealing with vocational training, we offer Diplomas on Mechanics, Robotics, Electricity, ICT, Administration and Finance, Early Childhood Education and Nursing. 

 In Andújar, our town, the main economical activity is agriculture, particularly olive-growing. The province of Jaén is the biggest olive oil producer in Spain and in the world. 

 Concerning our background in Erasmus + projects, we possess some experience since we have participated in previous projects with different countries. For example, we participated in “Salad Bowl” in 2008, “Planting our Future” in 2011, or “Heritage: European Identity” in 2015.

 Our area is full of historic landmarks and famous cities like Granada, Seville, or Córdoba. All these relevant places are easily reachable from Andújar.